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Associate Degree in Animation (LOCAL)

Associate Degree in Associate Degree in Draughting and Building Technology (LOCAL)

The Draughting and Building Technology Programme is a Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) programme which seeks to train practising and aspiring draughtsmen and site supervisors for the built environment in Jamaica and the Caribbean at large. The students will learn ingenious, creative and practical approaches to construction draughting, and will employ real life solutions to tackle the problems associated with architecture and building construction

Associate Degree in Events Planning and Management (LOCAL)

Associate Degree in Information & Communication Technology (LOCAL)

Associate Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LOCAL)

The Occupational Associate Degree Programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an Applied Associate Degree which is designed on workplace competencies with the intent to provide workforce solutions in the field of Maritime, with particular focus on the training and certification of persons at the noted level. The programme contents will expose participants to the technical, operational processes and managerial competencies required to manage logistics and related activities in areas such as, inventory control, transport and distribution, fleet control, warehousing, terminal (land, air & sea).

Bachelors Degree in Bachelor of Education in Applied Technology (LOCAL)

The Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) in Applied Technology programme has been developed to meet the needs of Jamaica’s education and training system, and to improve efficiency and effectiveness as the country prepares its citizens to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Specifically, the programme will prepare students to provide instruction (consistent with national and international teaching and learning standards) at the secondary and post-secondary levels in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). On successful completion of the programme, graduates are expected to demonstrate a high level of competency, proficiency and advanced TVET facilitation skills in his/her area of specialization.

Bachelors Degree in Career Development (LOCAL)

Bachelors Degree in Information & Communication Technology (LOCAL)

Certificate in Andrological Principles to Support Blended Learning (LOCAL)

To facilitate in an adult learning environment, instructors must understand how adults learn and apply the appropriate learning strategies/techniques that accommodate adults as learners.

Certificate in CCNA Routing and Switching - Cisco (LOCAL)

Certificate in Customer Service (LOCAL)

Certificate in Electrical Energy Management (LOCAL)

Certificate in Internal Verification & Moderation Assessment (LOCAL)

Certificate in Photoshop Basics (LOCAL)

This course will highlight the basic tools of Photoshop and image manipulation. The course is designed to give a basic understanding of the Adobe Photoshop photo editing tool. At the end of the course, participants will be able to, create a basic social media post, identify file formats and use various editing tools within Adobe Photoshop.

Certificate in Pre-College (LOCAL)

Certificate in Pre-College (LOCAL)

Certificate in Train the Trainer (LOCAL)

Certificate of Competence in Career Development for Primary School Educators (LOCAL)

This workshop will familiarize participants with the basic tenets and techniques used to provide career guidance and education at the primary level using the infusion methodology; participants will practice writing plans, which reflect the infusion of career development in their lessons.

Certificate of Competence in Conflict Management (LOCAL)

This course has been designed primarily for Management, Supervisory and Frontline staff

Certificate of Competence in Developing Desktop Applications Using Visual Studio and C# (LOCAL)

This workshop exposes participants to the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the tools needed to create desktop user interfaces. Participants will use the .NET Framework and C# to develop aesthetically appealing desktop User Interfaces for applications.

Certificate of Competence in Effective Communication (LOCAL)

This course has been designed primarily for Management, Supervisory and Frontline staff. It is to: 1) Improve communication skills 2) Increase process efficiency and improve quality of service 3) Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods 4) Enhance company image.

Certificate of Competence in Office Productivity Tools - Word (LOCAL)

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to confidently create professionally-looking documents for both personal and work-life. As such, it will entail both basic and advanced features of Word, moving from simply creating basic documents to incorporating rich features such as tables, design elements and layout options, enabling participants to become 'advanced user' of this powerful Microsoft tool.

NVQJ Certificate in Assessor Training (NCTVET)

This programme is for persons who are trained , competent and certified in an area of specialization for which a qualification plan exist

NVQJ Certificate in Entrepreneurship Level 3 (NCTVET)

The Entrepreneurship level 3 programme is an academic and practical programme which seeks to train practising and aspiring entrepreneurs from the small and micro business sectors in vital areas of business management. This training will make entrepreneurs more competitive and better equipped to compete locally and internationally. Students will learn ingenious, creative and tactical approaches to business planning and management, employing strategies that are more customer and market-driven rather than internally driven for business success. The programme contains business courses and practical components, including business plan development, market research, seminars and internship. Successful entrepreneurs will be used to deliver some courses, as well as function as guest presenters, to enable students to benefit from their real life experiences, successes and challenges in running a business. At the end of this programme, successful graduates will receive an NVQ-J Level 3 certification.

Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training (LOCAL)

This programme is designed to prepare competent, professional teachers/trainers for the education and training systems as well as for industry.